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Your Other Atmosphere

Our Creator chose to envelop earth in an atmosphere we call “air.” Air surrounds and sustains us, refreshes us and protects us from harmful sun rays.  Air makes life possible.  Two gases comprise the bulk of our atmosphere: nitrogen, about 79% and oxygen, a little more than 20%.

We know about air, but we tend to forget the other atmosphere that encapsulates us.  The Scriptures beautifully describe our other atmosphere.  Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies,” Psalm 36:5. Just like the air which envelops us, so God’s love and faithfulness surround us.  We walk around in an atmosphere of God’s love and faithfulness!

A strong wind reminds us that the air envelops us.  We feel the wind.  But we don’t always feel God’s love and faithfulness.  In fact, this material world so dominates our attention with struggles and trials that we forget about the spiritual world.  Struggles, trials and tests erase memories of our other atmosphere.  Nevertheless, his love and faithfulness, like air, surround us even in the worst of our days.  You see, his love and faithfulness are like his person, changeless, irresistible and dependable.

Next time you feel the wind blowing on your face, next time you see leaves and limbs rustling in the air, next time you take a deep breath, remember your other atmosphere.  Let “air” remind you of God’s immeasurable love and awesome faithfulness!  His Spirit surrounds you and attentively watches over you.


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