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Changed by Prayer

Many people believe prayer is an effort to cause God to do something.  Prayer, they believe, convinces God to act in the way we wish.  The statement, “prayer changes things,” flows from the lips of “both believers and unbelievers.”  Because we view prayer as an effort to cause God to do something, many only call upon the Lord during times of need.Prayer is not an effort to cause God to do something; prayer is an opportunity for God’s Spirit to bring us into agreement with his will!

“Prayer time” allows our human spirit to fellowship with God’s Spirit.  True “prayer time” will quite often not include even one prayer request.  “Prayer time” offers us the chance to “walk with God.”  This “walk with God” permits his Spirit to transform us into his image and likeness.  We desire his desires, crave his will and pursue his purposes.

We are on the earth for God to tell us what to do.  We are not on the earth to tell God what to do.  Consequently, people who “walk with God” in the Spirit enjoy harmonious friendship with God the Father and the Son.  They are team members with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  There is no desire to cause God to do something.  Their major request is “Father, change me so that my attitudes, desires, emotions, beliefs agree totally with your attitudes, desires, emotions, beliefs.” Perhaps we should change the phrase, “prayer changes things” to “prayer changes me!”

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields

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