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Turning Liabilities into Assets

God commanded a young man named Gideon to lead Israel in battle against their oppressors.  Gideon responded by listing his liabilities to God.  “God, I can’t lead Israel because….” Are you a modern-day Gideon?  Do you continually meditate on the disadvantages life hands you?  Some typical liabilities modern-day “Gideons” concentrate on are: an unsaved spouse, too little money, unpleasant childhood, insufficient education, personal appearance, and difficult or distasteful job.  The list of what we consider “liabilities” seems to have no end.  As long as you look for personal disadvantages, you’ll find them.  You see, human nature is turned toward concentrating on disadvantages.  Consequently, we create our own disadvantages by lack of confidence in God’s abilities.Later, Gideon led Israel to military victory.  Hebrews 11 commends Gideon’s great faith in God.  Where did he acquire this great faith?  Did God remove Gideon’s disadvantages?  No, God did not change any of Gideon’s disadvantages.  How can we be victorious in life when so called “disadvantages” or “liabilities” plaque us?

We transform the disadvantages of life by surrendering them to God!  Liabilities surrendered to God become assets.

Dear Friends, please take a moment right now to surrender the unchangeable disadvantages you fear to God.  Be like Gideon who experienced the blessing and power of God after surrendering his disadvantages to God’s control.

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields



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