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Avoiding Burnout Bible Names that Describe the Jesus in You
Controlled by Fearless Imagination Dear Daddy
Defeating Our Resistance to God Demystifying Speaking in Tongues
Destruction Will Come to an End Do You Really Know What You are Saying
Eliminating Our Reasons for Anxiety Enjoying the Bible Jesus Loved
Gain from Pain Getting Back to Normal
Giving God Time to Enjoy You God Bonds with Humans
God's Jealousy - Our Assurance God's Management Team
Guarding Your Influence on God's Emotions Humanity's Heavenly Protector
Identifying the Spirit of Antichrist  Introducing Yourself to Yourself
Let God be Your Refuge in the Day of Disaster Maintaining a Peaceful Mind
Meditation that Builds You Up and Never Tears You Down Men Who Spoke From God
Our Return to Planet Earth Presenting Yourself to the Lord
Protecting Your Private Time with Jesus Returning to the Primary Purpose of Tongues
Some Very Important Lists Substantial Peace
That Other Experience The Annihilation of Death
The Creator of Pleasant Effects The Day God Rescued Me
The Destruction of Distraction The Difference Between Jesus and James
The Doomed Conspiracy The Microscopic Jesus
The Miracle of a Clear Conscience The Profile of a Christian
The Ultimate Risk Taker Trusting God's Infinite Inabilities
Trusting Your Budget Buster Waiting for Messiah's Explanation
Was Jesus Extremism Justified? What Was Different About Jesus' Blood
When It's Hard to Be Happy When Jesus Died
When You Don't Know What to Ask Why I Believe God Uses Women in the Ministry?
Why I Quit Tithing Why the New Birth Isn't Optional

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My late husband and I have given ourselves to caring about people’s welfare for over 50 years. We pastored churches for 28 years and served as missionaries for 5 1/2 years. In 1997 we founded Comfort and Encouragement Ministries. Through this organization, James and Delores conducted many marriage seminars, leadership seminars, revivals, and church services throughout the USA, Asia, and Europe. James has written many books including “Profiting From the Path of Most Resistance” and “Leaving Prayer, Entering Communion.” There are over 100 Scripture Sheet titles to choose from and 40+ Audio Sermons to listen to on the “Our Gifts to You.