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After choosing a topic like God is With Us, we select ten or twelve verses scattered throughout the books of the Bible which fill you with fresh courage.

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The Fruit of Obeying God

A Description of Your God A Heart Fully Devoted to Jesus
A Mind Filled with Peace Accepting Jesus' Victory as Yours
Accurately Forecasting Your Future Ancient Predictions of Jesus’ First Coming
Assurance of Success Be Patient Until the Lord Returns
Celebrating Your Purpose Filled Years Choose to Rejoice in the Lord
Clothed in Jesus' Righteousness Comfort
Confidence in God's Trustworthiness Confidence in Our Heavenly Enabler
Confidence in Our Maker Courage
Creation Creator of the World
Describing the God to Whom You Belong Divine Direction
Divine Favor Surrounds You Do Not Be Alarmed
Eternal Truth Eternal Words of Life
Eternally Unshakeable Foundations Expectations
Extolling the Lord Forgiveness God Offers
God Answers Prayer God Chose You to be His
God Heals the Brokenhearted God Help Us Love Your Word Wholeheartedly
God Highly Values You God is From All Eternity
God is Love God is With Us
God Lives in Us God Never Leaves You
God Our Fortress God Our Guardian
God Our Guide God Our Provider
God Our Refuge God Protects Us From Falling
God Respects Your Desires God Says You Are Special
God Treasures You God Wants Better Than the Best for You
God Watches Over You God’s Commitment to His Partners in Giving
God's Eternal Predictability God’s Exquisite Timing
God’s Feelings For You God’s Greatness
God's Kindness God’s Promises for our Golden Years
God’s Promises for Those Who Seek Him God's Reliable Word
God’s Trustworthy Covenant with You God's Unfailing Love
God’s Unswerving Faithfulness to His Promises Have Faith in God
Hope Hope that Defeats Disappointment
I Will Be With You Immortal Christ Puts on Human Mortality
In View of God's Mercy Jesus Appearing
Jesus' Ascension, Our Victory Jesus Puts Off Mortality
Jesus' Supremacy Keeping Peace in Your Mind During the Last Days
King of Kings and Lord of Lords Let No One Lose Heart
Living Under God's Protection Love One Another
Meditation that Leads You to Success Meditation that Makes You a Winner
Names of Endearment God Calls You Names that Describe the Jesus in You
Never Tire of Doing What is Right Our Heavenly Helper
Overcoming Fear of Lack Overcoming Fear
Physical Healing From the Lord Praise for the Lord
Prince of Peace Promises to Overcomers
Promises to Those God Loves Psalm 91
Psalm 121 Rejoicing in the God Who Rejoices Over You
Rely on Your Worker of Signs and Wonders Remain Confident in the Lord
Remaining Unshaken During Turbulent Times Remembering the Benefits of Belonging to Jesus
Rest in the Lord Resurrected Jesus Defeats All Satan's Forces
Safety Satan, the Defeated One
Savior of the World Say “No” to the Fear You Feel
Scriptures that Destroy Worry Stand Firm/Stand Fast
Strength from the Lord Thanksgiving
The Almighty Name of Jesus The Believer’s Resurrection
The Blood of Jesus The Contender Who Cannot Lose
The Eternally Dependable One The Eyes of the Lord
The Fruit of Obeying God The Giver of Good
The Gracious Hand of the Lord The Hopelessness of Your Enemies
The Hard to Get Away From One The Impossible Isn’t Impossible
The Lord is at Your Side The Lord Never Forgets You
The Lord Remembers You The Lord's Delight
The Lord's Promises Concerning Your Eternal Future The Name of Jesus
The New Heavens and The New Earth The One Out Front
The Only Eternal Book The Power of God Resides in You
The Sinless One Who Takes Away Our Sin The Triumphal One
The Wonderful Counselor Lives in You Trust in the Lord
Victory Over Anxiety Victory
We Watch for You, O Lord What 1 John Says About God's Love
What the Bible Says About Itself What We Should Say About Ourselves
When Life Feels Overwhelming When Loved Ones Depart
When Society Shakes Who is Jesus
You Can Live Fearlessly Your Almighty Sustainer
Your Angelic Attendants Your Bright Future
Your Dwelling Place Your Ever Active God
Your God Will Help You Your Heavenly Shepherd
Your Heavenly Supporters: Father, Son and Holy Spirit Your Impenetrable Shield
Your Needs Matter Your Unchanging Source of Joy
Your Undefeatable God Your Undefeatable King of Kings

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