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Keeping God Company

God likes company.  In fact, he likes lots and lots and lots of company.

There was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb,” Revelation 7:9. I don’t know why God likes human companions so much.  I guess it’s just his gregarious nature. Read More→

When It’s Polite to Stare

Our electric-powered Japanese passenger train approached Shinjuku Station.  Sliding doors quickly sprang open, and hundreds of passengers disembarked.  Surrounded by this sea of Japanese business people, housewives and school children, Delores and I stood out like sore thumbs.  I noticed two young children staring at us.  The embarrassed mother quickly pulled them away and probably told them a Japanese equivalent of “It’s not polite to stare.”

Like the little Japanese children, we Americans quickly learn that staring is very impolite.  However, there’s one exception to this rule:  It’s alright to stare at the Lord.

During my private fellowship time with the Lord, his Spirit often enfolds me in his presence.  My imagination envisions him seated upon an exalted throne.  His ornate, royal garments fill the temple; angelic creatures shout his praise.  Vivid colors fill my imagination as I gaze upon our Lord’s dwelling place.  Sights and Sounds exceed anything we have seen or heard upon earth.

His love glues my attention upon his person.  It flows around me, enters into me, soothes me, encourages me, and comforts me.  And I gaze, I stare!  I can’t take my spirit’s eyes off him. I dare not allow any thought to distract me from him.

You know what?  It’s polite to stare at Jesus.  In fact, when in his presence, you have no choice.  His unsurpassed beauty grips your attention.  “One thing I ask of the Lord…that I may…gaze upon the beauty of the Lord,” Psalm 27:4.

In the Lord’s culture, staring is totally polite.  Let his Spirit enrapture your attention.  No one will complain.


Your Other Atmosphere

Our Creator chose to envelop earth in an atmosphere we call “air.” Air surrounds and sustains us, refreshes us and protects us from harmful sun rays.  Air makes life possible.  Two gases comprise the bulk of our atmosphere: nitrogen, about 79% and oxygen, a little more than 20%. Read More→

My “V” in the Moonlit Sky

A beautiful full moon illuminated the night sky.  I could plainly see my own shadow in the grass.  As I looked up to admire Father’s glorious handiwork, I noticed some clouds backlit by the shining moon.

Astonishingly, these clouds formed an almost perfect letter “V”.  There I was, awestruck by Father’s moon and stars.  Then, he thoughtfully threw in a “V” for victory; he provided a reminder of the victories he generously lavishes upon us. Read More→

When You Want Out of the Perfecting Process

Overcome and sticky notesHave you ever wondered why God tested Adam’s and Eve’s obedience?  He tested them because he wanted something more than innocent people; he wanted perfected people.

Innocence clothed the first humans.  They were guiltless of any wrong doing.  They were like naive military recruits: genuinely a part of the military, but certainly not battle tested.  The first humans’ love for God was real, but imperfect because it was untested. Read More→

Breaking Through the Transition Barrier

God’s need for my presence became paramount in my daily schedule. My priorities for prayer time shifted from asking to praising, from requesting to worshiping the God who loves us. However, these noble priorities were about to be thoroughly tested. Apparently, God wanted to see how determined I was to rebuild my schedule according to his needs, his desires, his expectations, and his joy.

From 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. seemed to be the best time of my day for a private session with the Lord. Our guest bedroom became my place for meeting with God. But here’s what happened. Read More→

A Prayer Guide

Please notice the prayer guide below.  Use it as a tool to help you develop a prayer life.  This pie graph stresses the importance of beginning our communion time with worship, praise and thanksgiving.  Communion prepares us for making requests.  We don’t leave the prayer list out; we just keep  it in its place.


You Can Do It

  1. You can be a person God depends on.
  2. You can make requests according to God’s perfect will and in the greatest power.
  3. You can serve as God’s partner in accomplishing divine work.
  4. You can pray more effectively by speaking to God from your human mind and your human spirit.

Click here for more information on my book Leaving Prayer, Entering Communion.

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields

Rejecting Membership in the Jeremiah Club

Ever feel deficient?  Ever say to yourself, “I don’t have what it takes?” Do your personal defects dominate your attention?  Well, it looks like you’re a member of the Jeremiah Club.  Read More→

Keeping Your Spirit’s Language Active

pray, faith, GOd

Following a Sunday morning service, an elderly brother approached me.

            “Pastor, I desperately need to speak with you this week.  Can I make an appointment to come by your office?”

            “It would be my pleasure.  Please call the office tomorrow and my secretary will set the time.”

            On arriving at my office on Tuesday morning, a note lay on my desk mentioning my appointment with Guy.  My dear friend was 87 years old.  Even though several physical frailties impaired him, his mind remained very sharp.  I looked forward to our time together.

            I loved this precious brother.  When my secretary let me know Guy had arrived, I arose from my desk, opened my office door and greeted him with an affectionate hug.

            After we sat down, Guy related that he received Jesus in the year 1919.  Then in 1937, he heard about the baptism into the Holy Spirit, accepted the gift, and spoke in tongues.

            “Pastor, in last Sunday’s message you indicated that we can continue using tongues after we receive the baptism into the Holy Spirit.  I’ve never heard that before, and I’m not sure I believe it.  You see I haven’t prayed in tongues since 1937.” Read More→

Leaving Prayer, Entering Communion

LPEC Front Cover“Pastor, my prayer list is becoming so long that I’m tired of making request after request for this and that. What should I do?” a young zealous Christian asked me.
“Throw away your prayer list and start communing with God’s Spirit,” I responded.
With a look of astonishment my friend blurted out, “You can’t be serious! Without a list, what would I pray about?”
“Bill, prayer isn’t only about asking God for things. Prayer is fellowshipping with God, being with him and enjoying his presence. You’re tired of asking God for stuff, because your endless asking blocks you from communing with God’s Spirit.” Read More→