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Conquering Unruly Emotions

“God, let me die!” Elijah begged.  To further bolster his excuse for depression, Elijah pointed out that “everyone’s forsaken you and I’m the only true believer left.”

Ordinarily, Elijah’s life demonstrated mighty power and awesome self-control.  On this occasion, we see the prophet of God succumbing to unruly emotions.  He wasn’t on top of life–life was on top of him.  Most believers understand Elijah’s struggle; after all, haven’t we fought to reject unpleasant or unChristlike emotions and feelings?  Is there any hope of conquering unruly emotions?  Yes!

Accept yourself as an emotional creature.  The new birth did not remove human emotions from God’s children.  Neither does our heavenly Father wish for “emotionless” children.  He created us in His image and He is emotional.  Quite trying to eradicate emotions whether you regard them as good or bad.  It’s all right to be emotional!

Unruly emotions do not disqualify you from God’s love.  God did not kick Elijah out of the prophetic ministry or disown him.  Remember God faithfully stood by Elijah during the prophet’s struggle against turbulent emotions.  The Lord dispatched angels to tenderly care for the discouraged prophet.  Then, the Lord himself spoke comforting words which freed the prophet from his nightmarish emotional struggle.

Rely on your Partner in struggles against unruly emotions.  The gospels picture Jesus as an emotional human who, like you and me, encountered unpleasant emotions.  As Jesus faced his arrest, torture, and crucifixion, he revealed the tremendous emotional battle which raged in his heart.  “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death,” Matthew 26:38. You see, even if you can’t feel his presence, Jesus supports you because he felt what you now feel.

Expect to eventually conquer unmanageable emotions.  With God’s help, Elijah overcame his struggle with debilitating emotions.  Then, what happened?  God took him alive to heaven!  That’s right, this man never died.  Why did God take Elijah?  Perhaps to show how much he loves people like you and me–creatures who battle against ungovernable emotions.  Hang in there!  During this life on earth you will eventually, though perhaps not instantaneously, conquer unruly emotions.  After all, God is for you!


  1. I needed this. My emotions have gone crazy and very ugly. I have been standing but am getting worse instead of better. I need a deliverance in my thoughts aND emotions regarding my husband. Considering christian counseling and have a place to go.
    I have worn myself out and am weak.

    Prayers would be appreciated.

    I have never been this ugly in thoughts and emotions. Feel out of control and scared.

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