Drawing Near the God Who Desires Us

Why We Exist

Genesis chapter one records God’s creative acts that brought about the universe and the planet earth. The universe exists because he desired human companions with whom his Spirit could commune.  God created us with the intention of fellowshipping with us and using us as partners in bringing about God’s wonderful plan for the universe.

Sometime in the distant past God created beings’ scripture calls angels.  But he wanted companions capable of living comfortably on planet earth.  He planned on using the humans, not angels, to multiply and fill the earth with lots and lots of people.  God desires human fellowship and yearns to use humans in bringing about the divine will for the material universe.

The Barrier Between God and Humans

Regrettably, the first two humans failed to obey their heavenly Maker and became guilty of what the Bible calls sin. This sin built a barrier between humans and God and made humans susceptible to performing more acts of rebellion against God.

Nevertheless, God’s desire for human fellowship never waned.  So, “the Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them,” Genesis 3:21.  Adam and Eve died spiritually so God offered the first animal sacrifice in their behalf and used the skin of the animal to clothe them.  The blood of his sacrifice served to provide a way for God and humans to commune despite mankind’s sin.  But animal’s blood could not sufficiently change the inner nature of human beings.

Heavenly Father Destroys the Barrier Between Humans and Himself

Heavenly Father, Christ and Holy Spirit devised an ingenious way to destroy the barrier between a sinless God and his sinful creatures.  God’s infinite love compelled him to remove the barrier that stood between him and the sinful human race.

This ingenious plan required the second person of the Trinity to become a genuine human, live as a human on earth and shed his blood for cleansing humans of sin.  Consequently, the infinite person Christ became a two-cell human in Mary.  He developed like any normal human; went through childhood and young adulthood and eventually shed his blood on the cross for the forgiveness of every human sin.  Jesus became the sacrifice that destroyed the barrier between heavenly Father and human beings!

It’s impossible to measure how much heavenly Father loves us and the price he was willing to pay for our fellowship.  But he did it!  Jesus’ blood destroys the barrier between us and God!

Draw Near the God Who Desires You

Heavenly Father, Christ Jesus and Holy Spirit made us for their fellowship.  Fellowshipping with us prepares us for doing God’s will in creation.  The Creator wishes to use us as his partners in bringing about His divine will for all things.  However, we must draw near the Lord who desires us so his presence can equip us to carry out his will and pleasure.

The first step to draw near the Lord is called the new birth.  This new birth occurs when God’s Spirit moves into our dead human spirit.  The enlivened human spirit is capable of knowing God, fellowshipping with God and loving God.  So, the first step toward drawing near the Lord our Maker is the new birth.  Accepting Jesus as Savior brings about this new birth.

BIble  After experiencing the new birth, the human spirit is alive and like every other living thing needs nourishment.  However, the human spirit doesn’t eat physical food.  It survives and thrives by fellowshipping with the Spirit of God.  The Spirit of God fills the human spirit with energy, vitality, love for God and love for his Word, the Bible.  Basically, when God’s Spirit moves into the human spirit we begin sharing our Creator’s ambitions, desires and goals.

God hungers for our fellowship and when his Spirit dwells in us, we hunger for Him.  We want to know the Lord and draw near Him!  Look at the apostle Paul in Acts chapter nine.  This murderous hater of Jesus and Jesus’ people was transformed by the Holy Spirit and wanted to know Jesus, to be close to Jesus and obey Jesus.  It is the same with every human.  When Jesus’ Spirit dwells in us we share his desire for fellowshipping with heavenly Father.  We yearn to draw near the Lord!

Draw Near the Lord by Spending Communion Time with Him

Communion with God involves praise of him, worship of him, adoration of him and thanksgiving to him.   It’s not merely asking for things.  Communion expresses our love for God as we feel his love for us.  Remember, we desire God because he first desired us.  He created Adam and Eve for fellowship and that’s why he made you!

Heavenly Father, Christ Jesus and Holy Spirit yearn to draw you nearer and nearer themselves!  So, we must spend private time with the Lord.  During this time, we praise, adore and magnify our God.  We bow at his feet in worship and thank him for his infinite goodness to us.  This time in God’s presence permits his Spirit to interact with our human spirits and this interaction equips the human spirit to magnify and worship the Lord in ways that lie beyond our limited abilities.

Set aside time for being alone with the Lord.  You have time for communing with the Lord, but you must set it aside for that specific purpose.  Regard communing with God as top priority in your daily routine.

When I was a young and very busy pastor the Lord spoke to me one day, “You’re not praying!”  He woke me up and I decided that I would set aside one hour a day to be alone with the Lord.  I chose 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.  Most days this plan worked fine and allowed me to interact with the Spirit of God in ways that were brand new to me.  God wants us, dear friends, but we must choose to spend private time with him.  Therefore, I set aside this hour a day five days a week for just being with the Lord.  Through the years this amount of time enlarged and allowed the Lord and me to spend more and more fellowship time together.  He’s waiting for you to do the same thing!  The Lord yearns for private fellowship time with you!  You are his dear child whom he purchased with the blood of Jesus.  Please, satisfy the Lord’s desire for you by drawing near him through spending private fellowship time with him.

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