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Assets, not Liabilities

     After becoming legally blind and losing my driver’s license at age 29 I made lots of changes in my lifestyle.  Obviously, I could no longer drive so my wonderful wife plus friends at the church became my chauffeurs.  Nobody complained, no one criticized my inability.  In fact, after I gave up my driver’s license I imagined the Board asking me to resign because, after all, who needs a pastor who can’t drive a car.  Well, at the first board meeting after the Department of Public Safety refused to renew my license, the Board told me not to worry about it because they would help me with transportation.

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Profit From the Lack of Healing

For the last several months I’ve occassionally listed what impairments have taught me.  Please let me add a few more insights.

Yes, I believe in divine healing.  The Jesus who healed illnesses, injuries and diseases during his days on earth continues his healing ministry today.  However, when the Lord chose not to heal my legal blindness and the macular degeneration with which I live, I learned to profit from lack of healing.  If God miraculously heals us or not, we win, either way.  “The Lord…takes hold of your right hand and says to you, ‘Do not fear; I  will help you,’” Isaiah 41:13.

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