The Creator of Pleasant Effects

The word “death” describes an event that all humans avoid. Nevertheless our bodies eventually cease functioning and we experience the awful event common to all humans. We struggle through emotional adjustments to the absence of loved ones and friends who pass away. Being a Christian doesn’t exempt us from death or the feeling of loneliness when loved ones depart. …

Controlled by a Fearless Imagination

Israel’s army was capable of defending the tiny nation. The army’s leader, King Saul, looked like an impressive warrior men were willing to follow into battle. Equipped for warfare and trained for battle, Israel’s army looked prepared for an encounter with the Philistine forces.

In spite of appearances, the Israelies proved woefully ill prepared for military engagement. “…Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified,”  1 Samuel 17:11.  “When the Israelites saw (Goliath), they all ran from him in great fear,” 1 Samuel 17:24.  They were controlled by fearful imaginations. They could only picture themselves slaughtered by the opposing army. They could not imagine themselves as victors. …

Your Spouse’s Helper


Love makes us want to help the one we love. Therefore, it should be easy for us to desire to be a helper for our spouse. Regrettably, it doesn’t always work that way. We are so self-centered we concentrate on how our spouse helps us and overlook opportunities to be a helper to them. But this self-centeredness can be eliminated. In fact, that’s one of God’s reasons for creating marriage—to deliver us from self-centeredness. …

The Objective of Endurance

“If we endure we will reign with” Jesus (2 Timothy 2:12).

Most people admire endurance. We appreciate the athlete who presses on in spite of injury. We marvel at the university student who maintains good grades in spite of family problems or financial struggles.Christ on the Cross

No one experienced trails and pain equivalent to the tough times that surrounded Jesus. Well, tough times also attack those who follow Jesus. Perhaps the unpleasantness is personal or it’s persecution because of our love of Jesus and obedience to him. Either way, the Scripture reminds us to keep the objective of endurance in view so we will not lose heart and give up. The objective stated in 2 Timothy 2:12? “We will…reign with” Jesus! Endurance makes us trustworthy servants able to assist Jesus during His kingdom on earth. When life is painful remind yourself of pains outcome–eternal service in behalf of the Jesus who loves us infinitely!

You Can Do It!

Through the apostle Paul the Holy Spirit issued five very important commands.

  • Be on your guard.Philippians 4:13
  • Stand firm in the faith.
  • Be men of courage.
  • Be strong.
  • Do everything in love.

Each command describes Jesus.  He vigilantly remained on guard, he stood firm in his faith, he always acted courageously, he remained unbelievably strong in all circumstances and loved his heavenly Father supremely and mankind whole-heartedly.  The Spirit of the resurrected Jesus lives in the spirit’s of every human who surrenders to his lordship.  Empowered by the presence of Jesus we can perform each of these commands.  Truly, we can do everything through the mighty Spirit of Jesus that dwells in us!

Scripture Sheets Made Convenient

About five years ago we started printing Scripture Sheets. We chose a subject like “Hope” and filled a half sheet of paper with verses related to hope, printed it and mailed it. Then, we began sending Scripture Sheets via email. Many people responded with comments like, “I really needed that Scripture Sheet.” Or, “Those verses spoke to me.”

Now, we have about 80 Scripture Sheets on our website www.comfortencouragement.org. On the home page click on “Our Gifts to You” and then click on “Scripture Sheets.” This will bring up a list of titles that you can open.
Scripture Sheets Made Convenient

You are welcome to download or print as many copies as you wish and share them. Comfort and Encouragement Ministries is here to bless people, to strengthen them and make them more powerful witnesses of Jesus.

Where My Downfall and My Rising Up Began

man kneeling
At age six I received Jesus as my Savior during a Sunday morning service at the church my parents attended.  Then, for some unexplainable reason, when only twelve years old I decided to quit praying.  My downfall began and for the next five years I had nothing to do with the Lord.  I never read his Word, never talked to him and never thought about him.  Sin became common and normal for me. …

Dating Your Spouse

Wedding Rings
“Sometimes I feel like a pastor’s widow,” Delores mentioned.

I was a young pastor working six days a week from early morning until late evening. I rarely came home for lunch since I viewed lunch as a great time to visit with guys in my church. Appointment after appointment filled my day, and visitation consumed most of my evenings. It never dawned on me that my wife sometimes felt like a pastor’s widow. …

God, Please Put Me Back Together

Band Aids
It was a dark night in Japan in 1991.  I lived with a band of fatigue that stretched across my forehead about the level of my eyes.  The vision impairment, with which I was born, had worn me down after two years of living in that city of 30 million.  I loved the ministry, the pastoring and the people who attended Yokota Christian Center.  I wanted things to go well, but for my body things were falling apart.

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