Thoughts During Prayer

In about 1974 or 75 the Lord helped me schedule private time with him into my very busy days.  I disciplined myself to place private time with him as top priority in my daily calendar.

After a few years of this regimented fellowship with the Lord I recognized that lots of up building and encouraging thoughts came to mind.  Regrettably, these thoughts disappeared after a few seconds or a few minutes.  So in August 1980 I began writing these Thoughts During Prayer in a notebook.  I’m so glad I did because since then the Lord has shared so very, very many insights into his person, his ways, and his purposes.

These thoughts come to mind randomly as I worship, praise, magnify and glorify Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Consequently, the recording of these thoughts isn’t sequential.  I simply write them as they come.

Please let me share with you some of these thoughts during prayer.  I trust they will encourage you and help you along the path of life.

Be greatly blessed,

James Fields  Journal

February 1989  

Jesus leads us in ways that allow us to cleanse and purify our hearts.

The Lord draws us into ways that benefit our growth–spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

April 1993

“Thank you Jesus, for generating divine unsurpassable hope within our hearts!”

God commits His infinite person and inexhaustible resources to helping us to recover from our failures.

We know that God is very pleased when we choose to just keep going.

September 2007

God can change anything about everything.

We want the heavenly realm guiding us through this early life.

The eternally responsible God will take good care of us.

March 2008

God goes ahead of us making arrangements for our service in his temple and to his people.

“O Lord, we request that you work Jesus’ nature into our whole spirits, souls and bodies so you can rejoice in our actions as well as in our presence.

Since we want to always do those things that please God we give ourselves to following the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

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  1. Louis Alexander

    So glad you decided to write down your Thoughts in Prayer, James. We cannot overstress the importance of writing down the words, phrases, and thoughts God places into our hearts while we share personal communion with him. I’m reminded of the old truism as it relates to writing down historical information — “if you don’t write it down, it never happened.” So true. If we don’t write it down for posterity, the facts and experiences soon leave our consciousness, and, in effect, they never happened. Keep up the good work!

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