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Better Than Walt Disney

People refer to Walt Disney as the father of animation.  His genius popularized animated cartoons.  Disney characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse come to live in countless theaters, TV’s and DVD’s.  Disney’s ability to make cartoon characters seem life-like built a multi-billion-dollar industry.

But Disney wasn’t the first animator; neither is the best.  No human compares with the One who animates all life everywhere!  In fact, all humans live because our Heavenly Animator breathed life into Adam’s and Eve’s bodies.

Well, God is still at it!  To this day, the Holy Spirit makes the Word of God come alive.

The Bible appears to be just another book—words printed on paper.  But appearances are deceiving.  The Bible is different because Jesus’ Spirit makes it come alive in human spirits.  The Living Word animates the written Word!  Jesus’ presence in our lives fills the written Word with active life.  Then, this life animates our spirits.  Suddenly, the living Word sweeps us from despondency to hope, from listlessness to vigor, from confusion to confidence or from hatefulness to love.  “He chose to give us birth through the Word of truth,” James 1:18. “The words I have spoken to you are…life,” John 6:63.

Please, dear Christian friend, make yourself available to your Heavenly Animator.  Spend private fellowship time with him in his Word and both private and congregational praise.  Then, his Spirit will make the written Word come alive in your heart and mind!


  1. Gods mighty word is Holy,mighty inerrant and infallible.The bible is the only book that i read a certain passage and it will mean one thing today,read the same passage some time later and it will have a new meaning to another situation.I firmly believe that the bible reads us instead of us reading it.Almighty Elohim be praised forever.AMEN

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