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Our Personal Comforter and Encourager

God is a person. Humans can fellowship with this divine person. He isn’t distant, unknowable or remote. Humans can experience God, fellowship with him and enjoy his presence. His wonderful presence imparts hopefulness to our hearts, courage to our minds and joy to our emotions.

Even though God is so available and so loving, an inbred hostility in the human heart prevents us from reaching him. Neither human effort nor good works remove the hostility. What are we to do?

Jesus Christ endured the wrath of human anger. The human race vented its hostility against God by crucifying his son. But Jesus’ crucifixion proved to be our salvation.

Jesus bore our hostility so he could save us from it. When we surrender to Jesus as our only Savior, God removes hostility from our hearts and we enter into friendship with the One who loves us. He becomes our personal Comforter and Encourager!

Talk to God at this very moment. Ask him to remove all your sins against him. Request that he send the Spirit of his son, Jesus, into you. He will answer your prayer. God will say to you, “On that day you will not be put to shame for all the wrongs you have done to me,” Zephaniah 3:11.

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  1. This is so well written and it explains that struggle within man. What a gift Pastor Field’s has to teach and explain the word in such a manner that even a child could understand. Thank you Jesus for breaking down the wall of hostility.

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