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Why Six Days?

God watching over earthIn six days the Lord made the heavens, the earth and everything in them.  Why six days?  Why not just wave his almighty hand and instantaneously bring everything into being?

God purposefully chose to spread creation out over six days, so he could introduce himself to us as the Unfolder.  That’s right, he’s the Great Unfolder of his plans and purposes.

God’s plans for the universe are like a brand-new road map.  After purchasing a map at the local convenience store, we begin unfolding it one panel at a time.  Each panel reveals another portion of the map until the whole map lies before us.  Then, we see the road to our destination.

Each day of creation brought about another part of God’s plan.  Each day built on the previous days.  Father unfolded his plan for the universe one day at a time.

Guess what?  He’s doing the same in your life.  Each day allows him to unfold another panel of his will for you.  Each week, month and year brings you closer to the fulfillment of God’s reason for your life.

Let’s be patient.  It takes time for the Lord to fully accomplish his plan for you.  It takes time for him to fulfill the desires of your heart.  Remember, the six creative days recorded in Genesis illustrate the way God unfolds his plans and purposes.

The universe wasn’t built in a moment.  Neither will all your desires and dreams come to pass overnight.  Wait on the Lord, the Great Unfolder, and he will act in your behalf.


  1. James, what a novel idea concerning the reasoning behind the six days’ creation vs a split second approach. Those of us who’ve grown to recognize and appreciate your deep Biblical wisdom are so delighted that you are still sharing that wisdom with us through C&E Ministries, and especially its Blog.

    Blessings to both you and Delores!

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