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Feeling Positive About Your Loss

After his team lost a game, I heard a basketball coach say, “I’ve never felt so positive about a loss.” I don’t know if the man was a Christian, but his statement is very Scriptural.  Every born again, Jesus-loving Christian can have the faith to feel positive about the losses that life brings.No one likes to lose anything, but being human automatically brings loss into our life.  Some people lose health or wealth, some lose marriages and others lose jobs.  We all lose friends and loved ones.  We can’t avoid it; loss is just a part of our human experience.

However, loss doesn’t have to devastate us, embitter us or depress us.  You see, God is on our side and is always for us and never against us.  So, with his help, we can sustain loss without sinking under them.  We can benefit from loss!

The apostle Paul lost his freedom when the Roman Empire imprisoned him for his faith in Jesus.  Yet, he declared, “What has happened to me has really served to advance the Gospel,” Philippians 1:12.  That’s right.  God used Paul’s imprisonment to spread the message about Jesus throughout the governmental heart of the Roman Empire!

Loss tends to make us forget that God is in control.  The pain of loss sometimes even makes us angry with God.  He remains faithful to us and will use our send of loss to achieve good for us.  You say you can’t imagine that anything good can come from your loss?  Quit trying to imagine the good that springs from loss and just rest in God’s infinite imagination.  He’s already figured out ways of using your loss to bring about changes for the better in your person.  He will turn your pain into joy and your crying into laughter.

Quit trying to figure out how God can make all things work for your good.  Figuring things out is his job.  Your job is believing that he can do it!


    • Thank you, Claire, for taking time to let us know you were blessed by the blog! You are helping us to keep putting one foot in front of another. Remember, “The Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him,” Psalm 32:10. Be greatly encouraged, Pastor James and Delores Fields

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