Things Physical Impairment Taught Me

    1. Never concentrate on what you can’t do; always think about what you can do.
    2. Never concentrate on what you can’t have; always think about what you can have.
    3. Never consider your differences from other people as road blocks to success;  always consider your differences as doorways to success.
    4. Appreciate and never depreciate yourself.

Due to vision impairments I lost my driver’s license at the age of 29.  My wife became the prettiest chauffeur on planet earth.  When I could no longer read print, she became our only reader in our family.  The Things Physical Impairment Taught Me  helped me accept life as it treated me instead of resenting my heavenly Father, myself and others.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens  me,” Philippians 4:13 (KJV).

Pastor James Fields

2 thoughts on “Things Physical Impairment Taught Me”

  1. Diabetes, in addition to being physically taxing, has robbed me of my much loved career in aviation – it appears I will never fly again. This has been a very hard pill for me to swallow.
    Thank you for your words – they have helped.

  2. You know James, I have never considered you as anything but whole and fit. Not to say that I didn’t know that you had an impairment, but you never let it get in the way of doing anything. But realistically it had to be a problem at times.
    You are truly a living testiment to Philippians 4:13 and an inspiration to Mary and I. We thank God for providing you a helpmeet like Delores.

    I enjoy hearing form you. We love you and Delores.


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