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The Ever-Present Comforter and Encourager

The Bible serves as an inexhaustible source of comfort and encouragement.  But no one can constantly keep the Bible before their eyes.

Kind-hearted, loving people often speak words that wonderfully comfort and encourage us.  However, they cannot remain with us twenty-four hours a day.Comfort and Encouragement frequently flow into us through inspiring church services or Christian books and music.  But we can’t remain in church all the time neither can we wear inspirational Christian books around our necks.

So what do we do when life treats us roughly or unfairly?  We look to the Comforter and Encourager named Jesus.  Jesus’ presence abides with his people.  He’s always in us so he can flood us with inner joy and peace in spite of life’s unfairness and roughness.

Please talk with Jesus right now and ask him to become your leader, your master and friend.  Then, his person will accompany you wherever you go.  Surrendering yourself to Jesus links you to the “ever-present Comforter and Encourager!”

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields

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