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Does God Care About “Little Things?”

Beautifully colored wild flowers fill our South Texas landscape during spring.  Various shades of purple, pink, yellow and white create gorgeous scenery.  Who created these millions of wild flowers?  Your heavenly Father!Every bluebonnet expresses God’s interest in “little things.”  Wild flowers are of little or no commercial value and yet God went to the trouble of creating them for our viewing pleasure.  Every Indian Paintbrush or Primrose proves God’s interest in “little things.”

We Christians often feel embarrassed to ask God for “little things.”  Ordinarily, we don’t hesitate to ask for salvation of loved ones, blessings upon America or some other need.  If a need or desire doesn’t fit into our “Big Need” category we hesitate to ask for God’s involvement.  Consequently we miss many blessings God wishes to bestow upon us.

Any loving parent enjoys fulfilling both the “big” and “little” needs of their children.  We humans delight in giving “little” gifts to our children.  How much more should we expect our perfect Heavenly Father to enjoy meeting our “little” needs?

Christian Friend, overcome your embarrassment about asking God for a great vacation.  Resist reluctance to spend money on an enjoyable hobby.  Ask God to send you that special friend you wish to have.

Next time you see either a single wild flower or an entire field of bluebonnets, remember, God really cares about the “little things.”

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields

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