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The Favor I Did Not Want

Jesus healing blind man“God, what’s wrong with you?  Why don’t you heal me?”  I angrily shouted this that afternoon in 1968.  For years, I had believed, prayed, memorized Scripture, fasted, been anointed with oil and attended healing crusades.  My vision continued deteriorating and my eye muscles grew weaker.  Confused and disappointed, I blamed God for my condition.  On the other hand, I loved the Lord.  I recovered from the anger and continued loving and serving him.

Gradually, love for God displaced the confusion and disappointment.  Poor vision cost me my driver’s license.  My focusing muscles no longer allowed me to read.  Through all these difficulties my love for God became unconditional.  I didn’t care if he healed me or not; I just wanted to love him supremely.

God only does favors for us.  He’s never out to hurt us, but always intends to help us.

The Lord has used lack of healing to develop unconditional love for him.  He delayed healing for the sake of relationship!

God did a favor for me by not healing me; he did a favor for me I didn’t want.

Christian friends, suffering is never fun, and disappointment always hurts.  Please remember that in everything God causes or allows, he’s doing you a favor.  Perhaps you don’t understand the favor or even want it, but faithfully cling to him.  He knows what he’s doing!

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields

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