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Hurt But Not Harmed

I used to question the Bible promise, “No harm befalls the righteous,” Proverbs 12:21. How could this statement be true? After all, wasn’t Jesus hurt? Haven’t all believers felt pain?

For a long time I simply read that, “No harm befalls the righteous” without believing it. Then one day, I understood the difference between being “hurt” and being “harmed”.

The Bible doesn’t promise that we will never hurt; it promises that we will never be harmed. The pain of hurting will be turned into a blessing for those God loves. Did not Father transform Jesus’ pain into the victory of resurrection? In fact, Jesus looked forward “to the joy that was set before him,” Hebrews 12:2. He anticipated benefit from pain.

Dear friends, be encouraged; hurting is never fun, but neither is it harmful for those who belong to Jesus.

God’s Unbroken Concentration

God can’t take his eyes off you.

Have you ever been so physically ill that you couldn’t focus attention on the Lord?  Has depression, fear or worry ever gripped you so tightly that you couldn’t think about the Lord?  Sometimes life becomes so difficult that we are unable to meditate on the Lord even if we wish to.  Then we feel guilty for not directing our thoughts toward God.

Well, you have nothing to worry about!  Even when you are unable to concentrate on God, he continues directing his attention toward you.  Job 36:7 promises that God “does not take his eyes off the righteous,”  Psalm 34:15. promises that “the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry.”

God constantly thinks of us whether or not we constantly think of him.  You truly are God’s treasured possession.  He loves you so much that he just can’t take his eyes off you.

The next time you feel unworthy of God’s unswerving attention, look up and quote a portion of Genesis 16:13.  This scripture portion says, “You are the God who sees me.

Scriptures referred to: Job 36:7; Psalm 34:15; Genesis 16:13. 

You Need a Break

After completing His creation, God designated the seventh day as a day of rest.  He rested from all His work, but He didn’t rest because of fatigue.  “The Lord is the…Creator of the ends of the earth.  He will not grow tired or weary,” Genesis 2:2-3 & Isaiah 40:28.  God created the day of rest for humans. Read More→

Be Strong and Wait for the Lord


The apostle Paul was not a super human, but a regular human clothed in weaknesses and limitations like all the rest of us.  On one occasion he pleaded with God to remove an impairment that afflicted him.  God responded to Paul’s plea by pointing out, “My power is made perfect in weakness,” 2 Corinthians 12:9.  We should regard those impairments that God doesn’t take away by his power as friends not enemies.  Every impairment actually prepares us to experience God’s power.  Isn’t that what God said to Paul?  Dear friends, be encouraged to keep putting one foot in front of another when things in life don’t go according to your plans or your wishes.  God designed you to WIN even in the midst of what appears lost.  Since Divine energy works in our favor, we accept Psalm 27:14 as our motto: “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

The Word of God and Human Health

Spiritual HealthThe book of Proverbs repeatedly points out the relationship between the Word of God and human health.   One dictionary defines health as: “Physical or mental soundness; freedom from disease or pain.”  The following verses from Proverbs point out the good effect of God’s Word on both our physical and mental health. Read More→

Assets, not Liabilities

     After becoming legally blind and losing my driver’s license at age 29 I made lots of changes in my lifestyle.  Obviously, I could no longer drive so my wonderful wife plus friends at the church became my chauffeurs.  Nobody complained, no one criticized my inability.  In fact, after I gave up my driver’s license I imagined the Board asking me to resign because, after all, who needs a pastor who can’t drive a car.  Well, at the first board meeting after the Department of Public Safety refused to renew my license, the Board told me not to worry about it because they would help me with transportation.

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Profit From the Lack of Healing

For the last several months I’ve occassionally listed what impairments have taught me.  Please let me add a few more insights.

Yes, I believe in divine healing.  The Jesus who healed illnesses, injuries and diseases during his days on earth continues his healing ministry today.  However, when the Lord chose not to heal my legal blindness and the macular degeneration with which I live, I learned to profit from lack of healing.  If God miraculously heals us or not, we win, either way.  “The Lord…takes hold of your right hand and says to you, ‘Do not fear; I  will help you,’” Isaiah 41:13.

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Profiting From the Path of Most Resistance

Profiting From the Path of Most Resistance

Profiting From the Path of Most Resistance

 Excerpt from Profiting From the Path of Most Resistance

When You Don’t Like Paths of Most Resistance                  God, what’s wrong with you?  Why don’t you heal me? Those angry questions in 1968 revealed my total distaste for the path of most resistance.  I can’t lose my driver’s license and still pastor a church.  What’s going to happen to me? Read More→