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When Everything is Against You

Papa Jacob’s dust covered, heavy-hearted sons returned to Israel from Egypt. With trembling voices, they reported that an Egyptian ruler imprisoned their brother Simeon. The ruler would only release Simeon on the condition that Jacob’s youngest son, Benjamin, traveled to Egypt.

Jacob’s elderly, anguished voice cried out, “You have deprived me of my children. Joseph is no more, and now you want to take Benjamin. Everything is against me,” Genesis 42:36!

How can we victoriously react to life when everything is against us? Tightly cling to the One who is for you. Jacob temporarily forgot the many times God appeared to him. Over and over, the Lord promised to multiply Jacob’s descendants and give them the land of Canaan as a permanent possession. Jacob forgot that God tightly gripped his life and that He was in the process of fulfilling his promises.

Dear friends, sometimes everything appears to be against us but let’s cling to reality. God is for us and is in the process of fulfilling his purposes and plans for our lives. God is the reality. He is the Promiser. He is the Fulfiller of His promises. While Jacob cried out that everything was against him, his long-lost son Joseph ruled the Egyptian economy. Everything wasn’t against Jacob because,

When it looks like everything in this life is against you, fix your attention on your unseen God of gods and Lord of lords. He’s just behind the scenes busily working in your behalf.
What now appears to be against you God will cause to be for you!


  1. An encouragement to always remember we don’t see the full picture but God does!! Thank you for this!

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