More Lessons My Physical Impairment Taught Me

In one of my recent blogs I listed four lessons my physical impairment has taught me.  Here are some more valuable lessons I have learned from my physical impairments.

  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously; find humor in your differences and struggles.  As my wife drove me to my office one morning we passed a jogger.  I commented, “That guys looks absolutely worn out.”  Two or three days later Delores told me that the jogger was a female.  I responded, “Well, at least that polar bear looks worn out.”
  2. Expect God to make up for your deficiencies by making you adequate in areas other than your impairment.
  3. You are handicapped, but not disabled.  Just don’t try doing things you can’t do.
  4. Talk yourself into trying; never talk yourself out of it.

Don’t resent your impairment and don’t think God is unfair with you.  By not restoring my vision God helped me become sweet in my spirit instead of angry and ugly because of my limitations.  Keep reminding yourself that “The Lord works out everything for his own ends,” Proverbs 16:4.  All his ends are good whether or not they feel like it at present.

Be encouraged,

Pastor James Fields

Comfort and Encouragement Ministries

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