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Hold On, Your Day is Coming!

Recently, I switched our television from one major network to another. I probably spent three to five minutes listening and seeing what ABC, CBS and NBC broadcasted at that time. That’s all it took; I was angry! These network programs were all together ungodly, anti-Christian and immoral.

The anger I felt toward sin and this sinful world then turned into grief. I found myself actually mourning over the sin all around us. I read the words of an earlier child of God, “Streams of tears flow from my eyes, for your law is not obeyed,” Psalm 119:136. To those who arrested him, Jesus pointed out, “This is your hour when darkness reigns,” Luke 22:53. Sin will dominate the earth until Jesus returns. We must accept this and not be overly upset, discouraged or disheartened by sin’s control of the world in which we now live.

Our day is coming! Jesus will return to the earth and set up a kingdom of righteousness in which all resurrected saints will reign.

Until our day comes, we must keep our meditation set upon things above not on things of this earth. We must not allow grief over this world’s sin to drag us down into despair.

Carefully protect your private time with God. During this private praise/fellowship time with the Lord’s Spirit, he lifts your spirit out of despair and into hope. Even though God wants us hating sin, he doesn’t want hatred of sin dragging us down. He wants his Spirit lifting us up into irrepressible joy of the Lord.

Make his Word the focus of your meditation. you cannot meditate on this world’s ugly sin and keep your eyes on the Lord. Memorize Scripture, read the Bible, hear his Word preached and taught. His Word will fill you with pleasant and peaceful thoughts in spite of the ocean of sin in which we live.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted,” Matthew 5:4. Yes, we will be comforted when our day of righteousness comes. Until then, let the Lord who will bring you into his day, keep you encouraged!


  1. Thank you for this practical encouragement as it is so true that this world values many things that we as Christians do not. I don’t even watch tv because of the influence behind the shows. Thank you for being a godly example

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