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Benefiting From Your Mind Time

“Think about such things,” Philippians 4:8.

What things?

Things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy.

Do you know what God is saying to us?  He wants us benefiting from our mind time.  We spend more time with our thoughts than with anything or anyone.  We can’t escape our mind.  We might as well benefit from the time we spend with our mind.

That’s why God tells us how to think and what to think about.  He’s not trying to merely boss us around.  The infinite love which motivates him causes him to show us how to benefit from our mind time.

“Meditate on my Word day and night.” “Delight in meditating on my Word.” He commands us to “think about pure, honorable, praiseworthy things.” Mind time spent in musing about Bible stories builds us up.  Mind time directed toward reading God’s Word, hearing it preached, taught or quoted brings encouragement and confidence.

Listen to recordings of Scripture as you drive.  However, don’t think that listening to the Bible substitutes for reading the Word with your eyes.  Bible listening merely supplements your personal reading.

Christian television programs can help keep your mind time centered on the Lord.  Always remember that Christian television is absolutely no substitute for church attendance.  People who claim that they go to church at home by watching Christian programs are tragically mistaken.  You  don’t go to church until you meet with fellow believers who live in flesh and bone bodies.

Friends, as we force our minds to stay Word oriented, we reap a harvest of healthy thoughts.  Automatically, healthy words flow from our lips.

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields


  1. Thank you so much by grabbing us from the busyness of our day on the Internet and injecting us with Truth & Hope with love, joy & peace.

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