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Go on with Life!

Have you ever met anyone who constantly dwelt upon past mistakes?  Those people never move on with life because they continue reliving past events.

On the other hand, some people whose past is filled with unpleasant mistakes continue moving on with life.  These individuals grow spiritually and enjoy emotional health.  Genesis 39 records a mistake in a judgment Joseph made.  As a result of his mistake, Joseph spent several years in an Egyptian dungeon.  In spite of this, Genesis 39 and 40 show us a Joseph who made the best of his imprisonment.  He did not mope around in self-pity or self-condemnation.  He energetically pursued as active a life as possible.  He was not emotionally encumbered with unpleasant past events.

Dear Christian Friend, no one event constitutes a life-time.  Thousands of events take place during our life.  Therefore, we should move on with life and not dwell on individual unpleasant events.  If we fear past events, they grow out of proportion to their actual importance.  One past event damages our entire spiritual and emotional future.

Give your mistakes to God and move on with life.  Scripture records many accounts of God’s imperfect people who continued moving on with life in spite of their blunders.  Isn’t that wonderful  to know that God will help us move on and do his will!!

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields



  1. God always my dear brother in Christ,awesome are divinely blessed with this gift.may it bring glory to his mighty name .AMEN AMEN AMEN

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