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What’s All this Overcoming Getting Me?

Overcoming life’s difficulties is fun. Everyone enjoys winning.

But the act of overcoming sometimes wears us out. Fighting one battler after another horribly fatigues us. After awhile, we begin wondering about the purpose of all this overcoming bit.

Overcoming is fun, if it isn’t too hard.

You’ll like this Word from the Lord.  “He who overcomes will inherit all this,” Revelation 21:7. What does Jesus mean by “this”?  Eternal life, freedom from pain, face to face fellowship with the Lord you love, escape from any sinful influences, joy without intermission, abundant satisfaction of all desires and on it goes.  Space doesn’t allow the Bible to list all the rewards Jesus will eternally lavish upon overcomers.

So, let’s keep reminding ourselves that temporary battles produce eternal rewards.  “For our light and momentary troubles are

achieving for us eternal glory that far out weighs them all,” 2 Corinthians 4:17.

“What’s all this overcoming getting me?” An eternity of everything that’s good and enjoyable!


To the Almighty One who helps us overcome, let’s declare, “in all that has happened to us…you have acted faithfully,” Nehemiah 9:33.


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