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God is Our Advantage

David and Goliath“David, you simply cannot challenge Goliath!  You’re only a youth, while he is an experienced warrior,” 1 Samuel 17:33.  King Saul was conscious only of David’s disadvantages.  The Israeli king and his army only though in terms of personal disadvantage.  The entire army believed that no one in his right mind would accept Goliath’s challenge to a duel.  Consequently, their awareness of disadvantage froze God’s people into inactivity. True, David was only a young shepherd boy without military experience.  David viewed God as his advantage!  “The Lord, who once delivered me from a raging lion will deliver me from this Philistine,” (1 Samuel 17:34-37.

Christian friend, God is your advantage!  In fact, God is the ultimate advantage.

Where is God?  He is attached to you.  His Spirit dwells in your spirit.  His presence surrounds you.  His hand firmly grips you.  Since God attached himself to you, you possess all the advantages you’ll ever need.

Refuse to be discouraged when you appear disadvantaged.  After all, everyone believed David was thoroughly disadvantaged, but he wasn’t.  With God on his side, David possessed all the advantage and won the battle.

Our need for God is infinite.  However, his commitment to meeting this need is also infinite!!

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields

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