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Making Sense of Life on Earth

Do you ever find it difficult to make sense of life on earth?  Why physical suffering?  What’s the purpose of disappointment?  Why so much temptation to evil and enticement to sin?  Why so many broken dreams and unfulfilled expectations? Well, this life isn’t about this life, it’s about our future life.  All our present pleasant and unpleasant experiences relate to our next life, the one that begins when this life ends.  Our time in these bodies serves to prepare us for life in God’s eternal kingdom.  In all that God either causes or allows to happen to us, he is seeking to complete and perfect us for the next life.  Every earthly experience prepares us to administer and manage God’s kingdom in both the millennial and eternal ages.  Truly, he intends to “exalt us forever and enthrone us with kings.”

Somehow, our Creator uses all the pleasures and pains of earthly life to prepare us for service in eternal life.  Let’s accept the present joys and sorrows as preparation for a life without suffering!  Let’s be patient during this time of preparation.  After all, “Those who hope in (God) will not be disappointed” (Isaiah 49:23).

Be greatly encouraged,

Pastor James Fields


  1. truly inspiring for those that do not know Yashua as savior and redeemer death is a great horror,those that have Him as savior and redeemer practically laugh at death. i know i do i fear Him who can kill you twice


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